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Website services

domain registration

Domain registration

A domain name is your address on the internet; but unlike a postal address, it also reflects on your brand. We can help you select a suitable domain name and then register it, to stake your claim and protect your brand.

A domain name won't do much for you on its own. We can also arrange website and/or email hosting, to make the internet work for you.

website hosting

Website hosting

Getting your website on the internet can be a fiddly and time-consuming business. And then you have to keep it up to date.

Let us take the strain. We don't just design websites, we can also advise on storage and bandwidth requirements, or even take care of all the hosting arrangements for you.

email hosting

Email hosting

Gmail and Hotmail are fine services, and many people are quite happy to use them for personal email. But the CEO of Coca Cola does not use them for his primary business account – and neither should you. An email address that reflects your branded domain name presents your customers with a much more professional internet presence.

We can set up domain-based email for you. We can configure it for webmail access, or we can set up a dedicated email client (eg Microsoft Outlook) at your site.

(You can generally have as many email addresses as you want, eg sales@mydomain.co.uk, support@mydomain.co.uk, recruitment@mydomain.co.uk and so on.)