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Home PC services

Computer health check

Have you noticed your computer is not running as well as it once had? Over time your computer can build up a mass of unwanted programs, malware, viruses and tempory files which cause your operating system to slow down.

Our comprehensive health check will allow us to fault find and repair all problems with your system.

PC and laptop repairs

Whether you are a home user with a single PC or a business owner with hundreds of desktops and dozens of servers, we can diagnose and fix any problem you may have, however great or small.

New computers

At Nationwide Computer Services we custom build the computer you need. Before any work commences our technicians will consult customer to make sure that the computer we are building will meet their specific requirements.

Refurbished computers

We restore pre-owned computers to factory fresh status and make them available to you at a large discount over the cost of a new system. We can also cater for special requirements such as old Windows versions - or even MS-DOS.

Home visits

If you have an issue with the technology in your home we have mobile technicians who can investigate repairs and installations on site to find a solution. Whether it's setting up a new PC, installing a new printer or getting your network set up, we’re here to help you.

Data recovery

We can recover data from damaged or corrupted hard disk drives, solid state disks, USB flash drives, memory cards and other data storage devices found in desktops, towers, laptops, notebooks, netbooks, pads and phones.

Hardware recycling

Everyone is aware that we need to take care of the Earth and we can help you by disposing of your old IT equipment properly. For a small fee of £15 per work station we will make sure that all your data is safely wiped using industry standard overwrites and physically dismantling the drives to make sure no information can be stolen.