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Refurbished computers


When you need a low cost machine

Not every application requires the latest and greatest hardware. Email, internet browsing and office applications (word processing, spreadsheets and presentations) still work perfectly well on machines that are a few years old.


When you need an older machine

Some installations use specialised hardware or software, and these installations are not always supported by their original manufacturer. When your trusty old PC finally gives up, a new one running the latest and greatest Windows is no use to you if your application only works on XP - or even MS-DOS!

When you need our help

We can supply older hardware at a significant cost saving over a new system. All systems, including second user systems, are supplied with our warranty for your peace of mind.

We can supply a computer that will run any software, and work with any hardware, however old. We have decades of experience providing ongoing support to installations still running everything from MS-DOS and Windows 3.1 to Windows XP.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.