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Home visits

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We can come to you!

If you have an issue with the technology in your home we have mobile technicians who can investigate repairs and installations on site to find a solution. Whether it's setting up a new PC, installing a new printer or getting your network set up, we're here to help you.

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How do I book a home visit?

If you would like to book a visit to your home from our mobile technician please contact us.

We will ask you for some contact details and also try and ascertain the nature of your issue. Once this is complete we will pass this information on to our technician. Who will contact you themselves, book a convenient time for them to visit and fix your problem.

For some more in-depth repairs it may be more appropriate for us to take your machine away and return it once the repair is complete.

home visits - money

How much will it cost?

Home visits will cost £30 for the first half an hour and £50 an hour thereafter. If the machine needs to be taken away for repair you will be charged for the first half hour plus the equivalent in house cost.