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Data recovery

data recovery

We can get your data back!

We can recover data from damaged or corrupted hard disk drives, solid state disks, USB flash drives, memory cards and other data storage devices found in desktops, towers, laptops, notebooks, netbooks, pads and phones.

data recovery - tools

Data recovery

As long as your data storage device is operable, we can usually recover data from it cost-effectively. Even if it is not, we can recommend a specialist data recovery service.

We can get your data back to you in many ways: transferred to a new PC or laptop; copied to an external hard disk or USB flash drive; burned on to CD or DVD; whatever suits you best.

If you don't have an external hard disk or USB flash drive, don't worry – we can, of course, supply one.

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How much will it cost?

Unfortunately, it is difficult to say exactly what the cost will be, as this is very dependent upon the nature of the problem, and therefore the time taken to perform recovery. Furthermore, if an external specialist must be called in, this can add considerably to the expense.

However, most recovery operations can be performed in-house; typically, a memory card would cost between £10 and £20 and a hard disk drive would cost between £60 and £100.

We will, of course, call you with a firm quotation before we proceed, with no obligation to yourself. And, as always, we won't charge you at all in the rare event that we are unable to recover your data.